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Top Local and National Trainers

Recognized for their success on a local and national level, each of our trainers are hand picked for their specific expertise in their area of focus.  All trainers are degreed, certified and insured

In-House, Distance or YOUR Home

Our experts are adept at creating programs that fit the environments that make the most sense for our clients.  Whether you train daily in our state of the art facitilites daily, in one of our camps or in the privacy of your own home, we will build programs that will help maximize your investments

You deserve to see results

Too often exercise participants fall short of their goals and give up.  Our trainers will help you to remain focused on the end while providing the feedback along the way that makes the process as rewarding as the outcome

Tiffany Nance

National Trainer, Prep Coach, NPC Figure and Physique Champion and Published Fitness model


Tiff works with experienced athletes and exercisers that know what they are doing but have plateaued and need to move to the next level

Monthly Packages


Monthly updates for nutrition and exercise program including no holds barred supplementation recommendations

Pose like a PRO


Tiff can help you to present yourself in the best possible manner by refining your posing techniques for photo shoots, and for the stage

Akeem Daniels

2018 Trainer of the year 

NASM Certified Trainer

Private Training


Personal 1-on-1 Training

Looking for that 1-on-1 training experience? You will be provided with a trainer who will be there for YOU ONLY! From the beginning of your session til the very end of your session, you will be assisted, educated and coached through every part of the workout. This time is spent to critique, improve and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Get started today!

Group Training


Bring friends & compete

Take advantage of getting $5 off of each additional individual you bring to these sessions. You all will be pushed thru similar exercises (depending on levels of fitness) and will be encouraged to compete and challenge each other to get better.

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Fitness Programs


Clueless on what to do

Have you ever made it to the gym, but didn't quite know where to start? I've been there. Having a fitness program to abide by gives individuals the advantages of knowing what to prepare for on a weekly basis. Everything from warm-ups, upper body, lower body, core, cardio, and cool-down routines will all be included. They are uniquely individualized based on your specific fitness needs.

Cody Burdick

1 on 1 Training


Lets do this together. With 1 on 1 training we can target the exact goals you are looking to achieve. Personalized workouts to help you unleash your best self.

Group Training


Working out can be better with friends. Come together, push each other, and leave sharing great accomplishments.

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Sport-Specific Workouts


Need to up your game? Come get stronger, faster, and more agile to make a better all around athlete on the field or court. 

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