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Recognized for their success on a local and national level, each of our professional trainers are hand picked for their specific expertise in their area of focus.  Trainers are degreed, certified and insured.

In-house, distance or your home

Our experts are adept at creating programs that fit the environments that make the most sense for our clients.  Whether you train daily in our state of the art facility, in one of our camps or Group Personal Training Sessions, or in the privacy of your own home we will build programs that will help maximize your investment.

You deserve to see lasting change

Too often exercise participants fall short of their expectations and give up.  Our personal trainers will help you to remain focused on your goals while providing the feedback along the way that makes the process as rewarding as your results.

Akeem Daniels

2018 & 2019 Personal Trainer of the year

NASM Certified, NCAA Division 1 Football, BOOTCAMPS & more

Anwar Albaba

  Kissimmee Muscle is proud to welcome such an experienced trainer to the team! 

Known in the wrestling world as The Syrian Slasher. Attended law school at the University of Damascus. Fluent in Arabic and English. 

trainer, pro wrestler, actor, Stunt Man, entrepreneur

Daniel Ledden

A Life Devoted to Fitness

Exercise Specialist


Daniel is here to help you begin your fitness journey.


Daniel has studied and practiced what it takes to continue your fitness development.

Sport Specific

Take advantage of Daniel's experience working with Division 1 high school and Ohio State University athletes.


Kissimmee Muscle Welcomes Katie Smith

2019 Overall Winner NPC Amateur Tampa Pro - 3rd Place NPC Nationals

Livestrong Cancer Program Coach

BS: Exercise Science - NASM-CPT: Sport Enhancement



From younger athletes to older adults



Trained in both Powerlifting and Bodybuilding


Group Training

AFFA World of Dance Fitness U Jam certified

HIIT training and functional fitness

Powerlifting Specialist


Lilliebridge Training Method

One of the strongest proven methods in powerlifting history to date. This program is devised from decades of hard work and takes the “Guess Work” out of reaching success!



Online Distance Coaching

Get individualized Powerlifting coaching and nutrition recommendations online


Face to Face Coaching

Work with Ernie 1 on 1 or in a Group

Expert advice will push you to the next level while having a ton of fun!

FREE Knee Wrap Clinic

April 22, 2020 at 6pm

Tyana Barnett


 A yoga instructor inspired by the idea of spreading this healing practice to the world. Skilled in breathing techniques, proper alignment, and meditation.  


 Her gentle style of yoga will help you to find a sense of calm within yourself. Providing you with the ability to have a more positive outlook both on and off the mat. 

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