ROGUE Monster Rhino Belt Squat

Belt Squats provide traction to the spine, help add substantial volume to the legs, and offer versatility for other types of training, from calf raises to rows, shrugs, and deadlifts


As we move into calendar 2018 we have been recognized by USA Powerlifting coaches and leadership as a USAPL "friendly" gym.  Upgrades include: FORZA competition bench, Ohio deadlift bar, ROGUE deadlift platform and R-3 power cage with monolift

ROGUE Reverse Hyper

No posterior chan workout is complete without having access to the regular use of the reverse hyper.  Since the day Louie Simmons and the crew at Westside Barbell introduced this piece to the world, powerlifting and strength sports have been forever changed

Beyond athletics and sport, the reverse hyper allows the user to properly traction the lumbar spine and strengthen the spinal erectors in a completely unique way

ROGUE Monkey Rig

Its more than just  24 feet of monkey bars across 12 and 15 foot heights. This massive rig includes 6 squat racks and 10 chin stations 


Don't short change your development without access to a HIITMill X