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Our gym never closes but we are staffed as follows:

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Saturday  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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24 / 7 / 365 Gym

Squat Racks

We Train How You Train - HARD

 At Kissimmee Muscle Gym, “the workout IS the experience”!  We’ve hand picked the greatest variety of strength equipment in the Southeast and created an environment where a serious approach to performance based training and conditioning is the accepted norm, not something that “doesn’t belong here”.  As many health clubs move toward a one-size-fits-all solution for fitness where hard work is shunned, we’ve embraced the idea that people want to work hard, they want to be in an environment where all forms of training are acceptable and they want to be successful in achieving their fitness goals.  These are the reasons our members and guests choose us

Map & Photos of traveling guests

Welcome Traveling Guests

More than 10,000 traveling guests from 59 countries and 50 states trained with us in our first two and a half years and we have become ORLANDO'S #1 DESTINATION GYM.

We are close to Disney, but as importantly, we offer more travel friendly options than all others and have created the world's ONLY online instant access portal.  Sign up anytime 24/7 for immediate access to the gym via your smart phone.

We embrace our traveling guests and invite you to connect with us in meaningful ways.  We are glad you are here and hope, as with our past guests, to become part of your memories and stories. We invite you to add to our nearly 200 five star reviews online and we will work to earn it!

Kissimmee Muscle Sister at Walt Disney World & The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Our Members Look Like the World

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about what we stand for.  We know who our members are.  They look like the world around us and their conditioning levels and training methods are just as varied.  One thing in common, they are focused on advancing their own level of conditioning.  They’re here to do work.  They know that maintaining optimal health is not an easy proposition.  They sign up for the mission because it's hard, rather than shy away.

We applaud your efforts to work hard to achieve your health and fitness goals with us here  at the World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym!

Need Help Getting Started?

A personal trainer can make all the difference. 

Step in and take a look around the World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym

Prefer training with a group?

 Combative conditioning & Urban street defense (Krav Maga)

OR Total Body Conditioning (Boot Camp + Yoga)

Orlando's #1 destination gym

DJ's and Deadlifts

The local gym

When the fitness industry began, people went to a gym.  The gym was far more than just the building and equipment, it was a community with its own inspiring culture, atmosphere and vibe.  We invite you to join our tribe, the World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym, where you will find others like yourself. 

Tiff - 6 plates single leg press

Effort equals true results

When the gym industry shifted to comfort rather than results, many exercisers began to fall short of their goals.  The World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym has the atmosphere, equipment, experience, education and passion to help ensure your success.


Your next move

You trade a day of your life every day for something.  Make sure your trade is a fair one.  The next step is yours.  Don't wait another day to begin your program to lose weight, build muscle, reduce chronic medications, build confidence and live your life more fully. Come see us at the World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym today!

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FREE Self-Defense Seminar

10am - 12pm

Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym

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FREE Self-Defense Seminar

Presented by Kissimmee Muscle Krav Maga

10am - 12pm

Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym

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