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Founded in 2017, Kissimmee Muscle Gym is a family owned gym that provides state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable personnel to assist its members in the achievement of their health and fitness goals.  We embody a culture of discipline, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and functional training. These factors are brought together in a well thought out workout environment that is affordable for everyone.  We have been building and operating successful businesses for over 20 years.  We know who we serve and we know what we’re doing when it comes to operating gyms 

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 At Kissimmee Muscle Gym, “the workout IS the experience”!  We’ve created an environment where a serious approach to performance based training and conditioning is the accepted norm, not something that “doesn’t belong here”.  As many health clubs move toward a one-size-fits-all solution for fitness, we’ve embraced the idea that people want to work hard, they want to be in an environment where all forms of training are acceptable and they want to be successful in achieving their fitness goals.  These are the reasons our members choose us.

Tons and Tons of Free Weights

We’ve learned a lot about what we stand for over the years.  We know who our members are.  They look like the world and their conditioning levels and training methods are just as varied.  One thing in common; they are focused on advancing their level of conditioning.  They’re here to do work.  They know that maintaining optimal health is not an easy proposition.  We sign up for the mission not shy away, because it is hard. 

We applaud your efforts to work hard to achieve your health and fitness goals with us.  Come live life strong with us!

Kissimmee Muscle Gym Training Footage

Training clips taken in the Kissimmee Muscle Gym with footage from Friday April 13th deadlift meet Night of the Living Deads.

Just completed a 1/2 MILLION dollar renovation

Kissimmee Muscle Gym is Orlando's #1 destination gym for serious lifters and physique athletes.  We hand pick our equipment in order to ensure a more efficient and complete path to your fitness goals than you can find in the big box, chain fitness centers.    

Greater results from your effort logically follow. 

If you are visiting, leave that sad hotel gym behind and come train in the one and only...             

World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 hour Gym.  

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Step out of your stale old routine and into Kissimmee Muscle

Isn't it time you stepped away from the same limited variety of leased equipment that most gyms today offer?  We hand pick each piece of equipment for their unique angles and action to compliment and augment your workouts.  

See for yourself by stepping into some of the best workouts of your life. Drop by today for a day, a week or stay for the year.

The World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 hour gym is Orlando and Central Florida's#! gym destination.  "Kissimmee Muscle, where the world comes to train!

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Orlando's #1 destination gym

THE Local Gym

When the fitness industry began, people went to a gym.  The gym was far more than just the building and equipment, it was a community with its own inspiring culture, atmosphere and vibe.  KISSIMMEE MUSCLE can be that gym for you too

Effort Equals true RESULTS

Too often, people begin an exercise program with a particular goal in mind and they simply fall short. KISSIMMEE MUSCLE has the atmosphere, equipment, experience, education and passion to ensure YOUR success

YOUR next move

You trade a day of your life every day for something.  Make sure YOUR trade is a fair one.  The next step is YOURS.  Don't wait another day to begin your program to lose weight, build muscle, reduce chronic medications, build confidence and live YOUR life more fully. Come see us at KISSIMMEE MUSCLE today!


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