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Train with Team Lillibridge in the World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 hour gym

Saturday April 13, 2019

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Why attend this event

We choose us?

We are "The Best" at both lifting AND teaching! Not only are we all multiple "All Time World Record" holding champions but we have taught and trained more top lifters than all other coaches and programs combined!

Team Lillibridge

We have the experience to help you reach and exceed your goals.  We use time proven methods that have gathered results!  Regardless of your current performance level, you can always benefit from our coaching!

Why choose us?

Let us help you take your lifting to the next level.  Let us help get you to your next PR, or even to an all time powerlifting world record.  Our experience and expertise can and WILL help you destroy your current PRs


Whether you are a professional powerlifter or this is your first time in the gym, everyone will benefit by learning how to perform the movement correctly!


Moms, Dads, Men, Women, Teens, lifters of all styles including Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Bodybuilding, etc...

No matter what the application, proper form and technique are mandatory for establishing a solid base to build upon!


You owe it to yourself: if you are going to do it, learn how to doit the right way! Maximize your potential and gains while minimizing wasted movements and risking injury.

We will be limiting the group of lifters to the first 40 sign-ups

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2018 Night of the Living Deads Footage

Take a look at last year's event here at the World Famous Kissimmee Muscle 24 hour gym. By all accounts the Night of the living Deads was a great success.  Friday the 13th of April, 2018 we had 100 plus spectators and over 30 lifters joined us for an evening of power and positive energy. We saw lifters from Canada, Illinois, North Carolina and all over the Orlando area and witnessed some great feats of strength including a couple of 700 plus pulls.  

2018 Special Guest: Ernie Lillibridge Jr.

World champion RAW powerlifter